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What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is made up of two major components: CBD and THC. CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the plant, meaning there is no feeling of “sedation or euporia.” CBD has gained a strong foothold recently, among healthcare providers as well as the general public. However, many new indications may be expected in the future. Regarding over the counter use of CBD, individuals taking CBD have reported significant improvement in sleep, relaxation, anxiety, depression, pain, and multiple other ailments. CBD is available in may preparations, including oil/tinctures, edibles, capsules/pills, vaping, and creams/lotions.

How does it work?

Your body already has a complex endocannabinoid system that maintains balance and homeostatis of almost everything in your body. That system is equipped with “receptors” sites that await cannabinoid molecules presence. When the cannabinoid nears, the receptor will bind it to itself, creating a sophisticated chemical interaction. CBD does not make you feel high, but don’t thing that a lack of psychoactive effects means that nothing is occurring. It is very clear that there are many chemical responses that occur when CBD binds to those cannabinoid recpetors. That being said, the endocannanbinoid system is everywhere in the human body, affecting nearly all major funcations natural way. Because of this, it’s quite a task to discern everything that CBD does, precisely, when the binding occurs. That is where the research is, trying to solve that mystery. 

CBD VS Marijuana

Both CBD and Marijuana are derived from the hemp plant. The difference between the two lies in the content of THC or tetrahydrocannabiodiol. Products containing greater than 0.3% THC are considered Marijuana. less than 0.3% THC differntiates CBD from Marijuana. CBD products, therefore, do no have psycoarctive effect, and will not make you “high”. 

The 2018 Farm Bil lmade the production of hemp, and therefore CBD, federally legal. Marijuana remains federally illegal, although many states have made provisions for medical and/or recreational marijuana. 

Product Disclaimer

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